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Available 24/7 for Help/Free Initial Consultations

Whether you are injured in a car accident, slipped and fallen, denied insurance, CPP or ODSP benefits, or have been cited for speeding, Timperio Legal Services in Windsor is ready to listen and help. Call us day or night for advice and representation; we answer our calls 24/7. Would you like to book an appointment at our office in downtown Windsor? Our initial consultations are free.

Accident and Injury Claims and Appeals/ No Payment if No Recovery

Have your claims for compensation or disability payments been denied? Timperio Legal Services can advise you about your rights, and we represent you during your claims or appeal process. As a former insurance company claims adjuster, and now legal counsel, Enzo Timperio works for you, not big insurance companies. Plus, you do not pay us a fee unless we recover for you. Ask us for advice about our casework with:

We Stand By You for Traffic Offences and In Small Claims Court

Receive cost-effective and competent legal representation for speeding, careless driving, failure to yield, no insurance charges and all traffic offences. Protect your legal rights in small claims court as well. Contact Timperio Legal Services for a free initial consultation about our services, including:

  • Accident Benefits Recovery
  • Small Claims Court
  • Traffic Ticket Defence
  • Fire and Water Damage Claims

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Phone: 519-258-4694

Address: 95 Giles Blvd. E.

Windsor, ON N9A 4B8

Email: et@crashinjury.ca

Service Area: The Greater Windsor Area

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